Upcycled Fashion for a Green Cause

Recently, the Meleesa the Salon team got creative with trash for Green Circle’s Earth Month recycling contest. The team put together a fashionable recycled look for a sustainable photoshoot. To create the accessories and look they used Starbucks™ cups for flowers, cardboard filler to make tree leaves, pink trash bags, paper, aluminum cans, and bubble wrap to make jelly fish, all from our daily collected waste. The results where BEAUTIFUL!!

At Meleesa the Salon, we are dedicated to environmentally conscious practices, that’s why we are a certified Green Circle salon. Green Circle partners with salons around the country to recycle and repurpose hair, foils, colour-tubes, papers and plastics and divert excess hair chemicals from being rinsed down the drain. As part of Green Circle’s network of sustainable salons, Meleesa the salon recycles 120 pounds of trash a year. Our excess hair clippings are even repurposed into booms to mop up oil spills.

The winner of the contest will get a forest planted in their name.

Check out our recycled creations!

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Meleesa does Las Vegas for NEUMA Beauty

As a national educator for the sustainable haircare brand NEUMA BEAUTY, Meleesa is frequently putting collections together and teaching classes at top salons.

Recently, Meleesa traveled to Las Vegas with the NEUMA BEAUTY team to teach a class and create some amazing looks at Cosmoprof North America, an international beauty convention attended by leading industry innovators.

Using NEUMA BEAUTY vegan, gluten free and cruelty-free products, Meleesa showed off all that the line has to offer with an edgy faux hawk style done on Miss Teen Nevada. Hair threading is also something Meleesa has been playing with to enhance a look and get creative with braids at the Meleesa the Salon Braid Bar… check out this style and for more braids check out our Braid Bar Menu.

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Check out Meleesa’s style featured on Bang Style

Meleesa was a contributing artist for the Australian born beauty line Kevin Murphy. Meleesa the Salon fell in LOVE with KM four years ago when we were in the search of a cruelty-free yet great performing product line.

This year Meleesa had the delight to contribute to the KM summer look book. Meleesa created some amazing summer-inspired looks utilizing braids and fun pops of color with the ready-to-wear Color Bug.

“Braids are the perfect hairstyle for anything from the beach to a night out on the town. They can dress up your style and add a modern twist” says Meleesa.

Get inspired and try this look at home, or come in to have Meleesa or her team do it on you!

Here are some highlights from Meleesa’s Saint Tropez-inspired look (click to enlarge):


Check out the full tutorial on Bang Style to see how you could rock braids the Meleesa way!

Endless Summer Skincare

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When the seasons change, it’s important to change up your skincare routine. The rise in temperature and higher UV rays in summer can leave skin dehydrated and damaged without proper care.

Here are Bree’s tips on how to support your skin during these hot summer months!

1)Exfoliate dry skin

gem polish
One of the most effective ways to exfoliate during the summer is to use a scrub on dry
skin before showering. We recommend our Glycelene Gem Polish. This mineral exfoliant will leave skin soft and smooth!




2) Hydrate

Staying hydrated inside and out is crucial in dry climates and hot weather. Believe or not the Ac take big toll on the skins
moisture. Drink lots of H2O, coconut water and moisturize with the Glycelene
Rejuvenation Creme AM and PM.


3) Protect

Our tinted SPF 30 is great for protecting your skin from the sun, along with a
dding much-needed moisture and a sheer tint in place of foundation.

4) Keep it cool

Hot showers after sun exposure furthers dry skin. Turn down the temperature and your skin will benefit! A cool shower after sweating helps decrease acne breakouts also!


Surf's Up!

Check out the Meleesa The Salon team as we get ready for summer!

We took a field trip down to the Huntington Beach Pier to learn how to surf and get ready for the 2017 US Open. We had the pleasure of having Bill Sharp from HB Surf School personally teach our entire team how to ride the waves. Check out this fun video to see your favorite staff getting down in the surfing safari!

P.S. Don’t forget to visit Bill at HB Surf School right below the pier for a great surfing lesson!