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Before and After

16 Jun

Here is a couple of pictures from this week!

VIP Day – Let it Shine!

15 Apr

If you’ve ever stepped inside Meleesa the Salon you know that love to make your hair shine and your natural beauty really show.  


And we love to give back to you, our loyal patrons. We want to thank you for all your Support, Love, Care, and Endorsement of Meleesa the Salon.


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2010 Best Hair Looks Continued!

27 Jan

6. Rustle Up


Tousled, barely-there waves make hair look incredibly sensuous. Hold a one-inch curling iron vertically, and wrap just the center of each section of hair—not the roots or ends—around the barrel for only a few seconds. (Any longer and the curl will get too tight.) When finished, flip your head upside down and lightly skim a paddle brush over the curls to break them up, then shake them around with your fingers before bringing your head up.


7. Tie on a Colorful Scarf


It’s the fastest solution to a bad hair day. Choose a square, printed scarf (solid colors tend to look like a bandage) and fold it in half diagonally to make a triangle. Tie it over the top of your hair and knot it in back. The front should rest no more than an inch down over your hairline (any lower, and you risk Axl Rose comparisons).


8. Create a Rounded Blowout


Think Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface. With a slinky dress, this is still a seductive look for shoulder-length hair. Blow-dry hair straight with a round brush, then make a deep side part. Wind the ends around large hot rollers and leave them in until they’ve cooled. After taking out the curlers, gently brush through the ends, then rub a drop or two of shine serum between your palms and smooth them over your hair.


9. Try a White Headband


It’s brighter than standard black, but it looks just as clean. Slip on a stretchy, inch-wide headband (any thicker can look like a bandage) so it rests just an inch or two back from the hairline. Don’t push it back any further, or else it can slip off.


10. Do the Wave


The key to faking supermodel waves is to make the hair look as thick as possible and to keep the ends straight, which gives a more natural-looking finish. Spread mousse throughout damp hair to bulk it up, then blow-dry with a round brush. Next, roll large sections of hair up in a one-inch curling iron, but leave the ends out. When finished, break up the curls with your fingers—not a brush—to keep the volume intact.

Recreate Photo Shoot Styles and Extend Your Look!

2 Dec

Meleesa recently worked the Diane’s Swimwear “Holiday 2009” photo shoot. To create these soft tousled looks all it takes are four bumble products: styling lotion, surf spray, spray de mode and hair powder. The best part about these styles is they are all adaptations of the basic ‘beach hair’ style. Follow the instructions below to create the basic style and each adaptation.


Day One: The basic beach wave.





After showering, towel dry hair until it is just damp.


Take a small amount of grooming crème into your palm and work it into hair from roots to ends.


Follow that by spraying surf spray throughout hair and working it through the hair with your fingers.


Now blow-dry hair. If you have a diffuser, use it to enhance natural wave. But if not just blow-dry your hair without using a round brush. Flip upside-down to enhance volume at roots, directing the air at the roots while pulling hair away from scalp.


Once hair is dry use a small barrel curling iron to enhance the basic wave you have started. Take ½-inch sections of hair and wrap it around the curling iron, starting at the roots and working out to the ends. Hold hair around iron until you have created desired amount of wave (will vary depending on iron used and temperature). Switch the direction that you wrap the hair around the iron to enhance the ‘natural’ look of the wave.


Finish the style by spraying spray de mode over curls and using fingers to create separation in the wave.


Day Two: Adding a braid ‘headband’.




Use curling iron to add curl (assuming hair has flattened out a bit. Or, if your hair is freshly showered, follow steps above.


Using a comb, create a side part wherever you want the braid to begin.

Then separate a strip of hair starting at the part that goes all the way to your ear. If you want a thicker braid then separate out a wider band of hair. Thinner braid? Thinner strip.


Start out by spraying the hair with hair powder to create some grit and eliminate any excess shine. Then starting at the side part, begin to french braid until you have reached just above your ear. Secure the braid with bobby pins above your temple.


To create the ‘undone’ look seen in the photo, use your fingers to lightly pull at the parts of the braid making them slightly uneven. Spray the finished look with spray de mode to secure the look.


Day Three: Creating a twist ‘headband’.




Start by spraying hair lightly with hair powder to eliminate any excess shine and to refresh your hair. Then add more wave using a curling iron if desired.


Undo the French braid and spray that section of hair with hair powder. Then, staying close to scalp, wrap the same section of hair away from forehead. Secure the twist with bobby pins above temple.


Pull hair back into a loose ponytail or bun, leaving stray pieces out of the hair tie.


Finish look with spray de mode.


Day Four: Sultry updo with twist headband.




It is time for more surf spray! Undo ponytail (not twist!) and spritz all over, lightly, with surf spray. Allow hair to dry and then spray lightly with hair powder.


Use curling iron to refresh your wave. Your hair may look a little messy, but that is exactly what you want!


Reform the twist headband you created in the day three look. Then on the opposite side of your side part gather hair into a messy side bun securing with bobby pins. You want the bun to sit level with your ear. Once you have secured the bun (make sure it is sturdy!) Pull at the bun to loosen it and make it a bit more messy.


Once you have achieved the desired look, secure with spray de mode, and make sure those bobby pins feel tight!


You can spice up any of these styles by adding smaller loose braids throughout the look, or by adding a decorative clip.

 But any way you look at it, this is a great way to extend your style, look great, and save time!

 Looking for more tips or want to learn how to do this with a stylist? Make an appointment with Meleesa or any of our other stylists for a styling lesson and learn how to creatively reinvent your everyday style in an hour ‘one on one’ styling class.


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