Bumble and Bumble CONCEN-Straight Treatment and Straight Products Available Now

Bumble and Bumble CONCEN-Straight Professional Smoothing Treatment and Straight Styling Line

bumble and bumble new straight shampoo conditioner styling products

bumble and bumble new straight shampoo conditioner styling products

CONCEN-Straight Professional Smoothing Treatment – calms and smooths curly and wavy hair

bumble and bumble new straight shampoo conditioner styling products

  • Safe For The Environment
  • Formaldehyde-Free
  • Cysteine-Free
  • Lye-Free
  • In-Salon Service
  • Provides Lasting Smoothness

Brand new smooth family of products – The Straight Line

Helps reform round and reluctant textures into smooth, straight shapes.

Straight Shampoo – This sulfate-free cleanser starts hair smooth, reduces frizz and makes hair more manageable straight out of the shower. It’s totally color safe!

bumble and bumble new straight shampoo conditioner styling products

Straight Conditioner – A light yet thorough conditioner helps manage unruly types, calm curls and quiet frizz for smoother, silkier texture. Adds shine and encourages body and movement.

bumble and bumble new straight shampoo conditioner styling products

Straight Blow Dry- A lightweight, heat-activated styling balm makes short work of smoothing and straightening rituals, leaving hair soft, sleek and healthy-looking – not to mention more and more manageable with every use.

bumble and bumble new straight shampoo conditioner styling products

Come to the salon and check out the new Bumble and Bumble products while supplies last!

Favorite Product Combos


Kali Jones – Circa
I have a client at the Cannes Film Festival right now and she asked me how to do her own Red Carpet Look. We stared by applying surf spray all over and brilliantine at the ends. Then blew the hair out section by section. From there we used Spray de Mode and curled with a 1 inch iron leaving the last inch of hair out. After it was complete we broke it down, applied some powder, shook it and finished with classic. Her hair was as big as her smile!

Samantha Shafer – The Loft Hair Design
I Love using the Curl Conscious Holding Foam as a root boost in the crown!! It gives the extra hold I need for a voluptuous blowout without the weight all over the hair.

Amanda Bowes – Rumors Salon
I love using Hair Powder with Sumowax for styling men’s short hair!

Here at Meleesa the Salon:

Grooming Crème and Surf Spray for awesome beachy texture.

Leave In (rinse out) and DeFrizz for a gorgeous, frizz-free and humidity resistant blow out with tons of shine.

-Mix Sumotech with Tonic Lotion for an easier application.

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Beauty Nights… hair, makeup, cocktails and music Bring your friends! Addiction Cosmetics is here..

beauty nigthsHey everyone! Addiction cosmetics NV is now here! WE are having a celebration. We want to invite all you and your friends to a night of beauty! Free cocktails an light appetizers, Friday night fun, Dj and the most important HAir styles ( updo’s, down do’s, curls, waves)  and makeup Touchups. Come here at Meleesa the Salon from 7-9pm and get Glamed up for this Friday night on us!

Full Days Ahead: Big Blowouts with the Thickening Family.

Are you looking to perfect that volumized blow out that only seems possible in the salon? Here is a how-to that will help you do it all at home.




1 – Start by cleasing and conditioning with Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner.

2 – Liberally apply a foundation product  all over hair, from roots to ends. (Prep or Tonic Lotion)

3 – Follow with the newly released Thickening Serum from roots to ends.

4 – Apply Thickening Spray all over, section by section.

5 – Rough dry hair with hands until 75% dry.


6 – To achieve the desired look, start by using a flat brush to dry the bottom sections.


7 – To create volume in the top sections, use a large round brush.


8 – For bangs: direct hair forward and use round brush to create fullness (this can be done with side or regular bangs)

9 – Finish with Spray de Mode to create separation and fullness.



Remember practice makes perfect! The best way to start is to have the right products and then practice the proper technique.

Thickening Serum is here to rescue flat hair!


Are you still desperately trying to create the perfect amount of volume to your dull tired hair? Well now the Bumble and bumble. thickening family has a new cool sidekick for the extra “oomph” we all need.

Buy any three thickening products and receive a limited time 15% off of each one! We are so impressed with this product we wanted to get it into your hands as soon as possible.

For the secret to the “serum” watch below.