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diy#6 second day curly hair revive

13 May

Meet Tara our amazing stylist specializing in vintage hair

30 Jul

Hello every one in internet land! My name is Tara and I work at the most adorable salon in downtown Huntington Beach, Ca called Meleesa The Salon. I just wanted to make myself known and show you some things that inspire me and how I go about creating looks in my own way. for this post I was inspired by the classic vintage 1930s look worn by Reese Witherspoon in the film Water For Elephants (seen below).

After I finished this look I took my model to the Huntington Beach equestrian center for a photo shoot and here are some of my favorite shots!

How To Style Curly Hair Video

10 May

Before and After

16 Jun

Here is a couple of pictures from this week!