Meet Tara our amazing stylist specializing in vintage hair

Hello every one in internet land! My name is Tara and I work at the most adorable salon in downtown Huntington Beach, Ca called Meleesa The Salon. I just wanted to make myself known and show you some things that inspire me and how I go about creating looks in my own way. for this post I was inspired by the classic vintage 1930s look worn by Reese Witherspoon in the film Water For Elephants (seen below).

After I finished this look I took my model to the Huntington Beach equestrian center for a photo shoot and here are some of my favorite shots!

How to manage Curly hair

Kyle's Curly HairVictoria's Short Curly Hair
Chanel's Medium Length Curly HairSabrina's Short Curly Hair

Curly Hair Tips:

1 – Start by using a curl supportive shampoo and conditioner, they normally are specially formulated to hydrate and revive curls. Meleesa recommends, Curl Conscious by bumble and bumble

2 – Using a masque to revive and awaken curls is a great weekly must! Curl masque for sure Meleesa’s pick

3 – Always comb our curls with a wide tooth comb in the shower meanwhile the conditioner is on, this will prevent the curls from starting to frizz.

4 – Wrap you hair on a towel and get all the excess moisture out.

5 – Unwrap the hair and shake loosely avoiding breaking the curls up. “remember curls like to live in families, if you separate them they get unhappy and Frizz!” Meleesa explains

6 – Apply Curl Creme by bumble and bumble , squeeze about a quarter size of creme ( size depends on how thick and long the hair is) this is for shoulder length hair moderate density. Work the creme on your palms and distribute root to ends, don’t forget the bottom of the hair so get in there gently.

7 – Start by separating hair and twirling curls, we do this to break the natural pattern and loosen the curl, if you want to tighten the curl twirl tighter. (use your finger like when you think to hard and twist your hair around your finger)

8 – Scrunch with a towel to remove excess moisture and pump curl up.

9 – Air dry for a softer look or diffuse for more dramatic look

10 – Enjoy and embrace your Curls! All curls are unique, this are a few tips to help you out, if you want more information and want to learn how to work with your unique curls, make an appointment today with Meleesa 714-969-7199

Call the salon for more information on curl line.

Meleesa The Salon and Vogue Salon Get Creative

Meleesa and Sarah united their creative vision to recreate a class they attended in Santa Monica. Howard McLaren, creative director of Bumble landed in the West coast and selected 13 stylists from California to sharpen the creative eye as a team. Meleesa and Sarah participated in this amazing class that was very inspiring. Doing the most detailed group consultations to really see all the angles of what was possible with transforming a everyday haircut into the ideal haircut for each model. There was such a talented group of stylists and the results where so great we thought… we want more!

Sarah and Meleesa united forces to recreate the class to bring the best of New York’s Bumble and Bumble to the best salons in the orange county. The class was hosted at Vogue salon where we did group consultations. Putting in our 2 cents to create million dollar transformations, we used our creative eye to bring out the best in each of our models. Of course, finishing up with our favorite Bumble and Bumble product cocktails.

See the pictures for yourself and know that a great haircut starts with a great consultation to fit your needs and lifestyle. It’s what Meleesa the Salon specializes in.Meleesa the Salon