The Makeover Challenge is Back!

Team 1: Meleesa and Ashley

Challenge: Lee

Team 1

It is impossible to say enough good things about Meleesa and the salon, or should I say “community” that she has created.  I have been a client of Meleesa’s for many years now and up until recently I have never been brave enough to take risks with my hairstyle.  One of the best things about my experiences at Meleesa is that no matter how much or how little I choose to do for a haircut I always leave there feeling stylish.

When Melessa told me about the makeover challenge I was so excited.  It was time to try something completely out of my comfort zone.  I put my trust into the hands of Melessa and Ashley and the results…FABULOUS!  My new look gets me compliments on a daily basis and I am so glad that I let them work their magic because it was a success and I have bangs for the first time in my life!

On a personal note, I just love going into the salon.  Everyone is so friendly and it does feel like a true neighborhood small business with big city style.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else!  Lee Ann Salkowitz

Team 2: Veruska

Challenge : Betsy

Team 2

Team 3: Adrienne and Jess

Challenge: Parissa

Team 3

I am so thankful to know all of the gals at Meleesa The Salon! These girls are talented artists and stylists who have so much passion for what they do! I have been going to Meleesa The Salon for about a year and am always recommending it to friends and family! A little over a year and a half ago I had to make a choice to better my life, my health, and my overall being. So, what did I do? I ran out and bought a pair of running shoes and started walking and then running by the beach.I needed to be the best Parissa I could be. I also took control of my eating habits and focused on foods that would help me and not hurt me. With time it paid off and shortly there after I met the sweet girls at Meleesa The Salon. Going to Meleesa’s was such a perk and reward. Each time I left the salon, I left with a smile. I truly began to get my spring back in my step. Everyone who leaves the salon leaves with a smile!!! I have personally observed this.
People on the streets would notice the smile and true happiness on my face and say hello and compliment my looks. I felt so good, like a princess! It helped to bring the encouragment in my life that I so needed.  When Adrienne and Jessica approached me about the makeover challenge I was super thrilled! I love a challenge and this was yet another chance to experience something amazing! I went home and danced around my living room and couldn’t believe that I had been selected. Adrienne and Jessica who I like to call “Team Awesome” did just that! They are two awesome artists who have hearts of gold! Their time, dedication, and collaborative efforts produced what you see in my after photo. If there is someone that has truly been touched by this makeover challenge, I would say it is me. Thanks Adrienne and Jessica for making a difference in my life and for bringing back the smile on my face. By the way, can I say it was sooo much fun doing the hair, make up, tan, and photos!!! Wow! What an experience! If I could, I’d do it again and I’d want it the exact same way!  I wouldn’t change a thing



Get your votes in soon! Voting ends at the end of February. Make sure you tell your friends about the contest so we can get more votes in!

Making Your Style Last



*TO NIX OILY ROOTS AND ADD VOLUME AFTER THE FIRST DAY, first apply a little dry shampoo, ideally in a spray form and lightly massage your scalp with fingers


*WHEN IT RAINS, TWIST BLOWN OUT HAIR INTO A LOW TIGHT CHIGNON AND SECURE IT WITH LARGE U-SHAPED PINS. Release the hair when you’re back inside. In winter, keep your ends sleek by leaving them tucked under the collar of your coat whenever you go outside.


*BEFORE YOU GO TO THE GYM, TWIST HAIR INTO A BUN AND SECURE IT WITH BIG U-SHAPE PINS. Position a terry band at your hairline to hold back layers; place it over bangs to keep them flat and smooth. Wait until your hair is dry before removing the band and pins.


*IF COARSE HAIR BEGINGS TO GET FRIZZY, SMOOTH IT BY SPRITZING A HEAT- PROTECTANT PRODUCT ON HAIR and running a flat iron over the outer layers. A small half-inch iron is good for taming the tiny hair around the face.


*REFRESH A BOWOUT THAT HAS FALLEN FLAT WITH A LIGHT SPRITZ OF WATER OR TONIC over the hairline and part. This will reactivate the product that’s already in your hair. (skip this if your hair tends to turn frizzy)


*WHEN A BLOWOUT IS ON ITS LAST LEG, REVIVE YOUR HAIR BY TWIRLING IT in large sections around a one-inch barrel curling iron. This smoothes hair and creates soft waves.


Professional Flat Iron Tips!

Flat Iron Tips

How to maintain the health of your hair, while using a flat iron and enhance your look:

       Use Bumble and bumble deeep conditioner once a week to restore moisture and to protect from heat damage.

       Try our new Serie Expert line that has powerdoses to treat everything from weak to heat damaged hair. Come in for your custom treatment and see immediate results.

       When styling use Bumble and bumble shine spray to add dimension and shine to your finished style.

       Finish with spray de mode to add seperation and hold for a look that will amp up your sexiness!