Makeover Challenge 2012

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This is what Brittany had to write regarding Team 1’s challenge:

So with our Makeover challenge model we choose to go with a vintage look. This was a look that really inspired Tara and Brittany. To achieve this style we went though and did a heavy highlighting over a span of two appointments. The tones we were going for were soft and creamy blondes. To enhance Denise’s hair and give it fullness and length we put in some amazing extensions. The next step was to blend Denise’s hair with the extensions by adding some gorgeous layering. The final stage of this amazing journey was the photo shoot where we had so much fun. To prep Denise’s hair for the shoot we put her hair in glamorous curls and created the “S” shape in front of her face, and to finish some beautiful makeup. This vintage glam look is definitely Brittany and Tara’s favorite style. With wine colored lips, the final look of our makeover was very exotic and fun.

This is what Veruska had to write regarding Team 2’s challenge:

This is our lovely model Rachael O Neill . I have to say that Heather and I enjoyed working on her..She’s a lot of fun .

So to first start off when it came to Rachael, transformation wasn’t the word that came to mind , it was more like enhance . Enhance the natural beauty that is Rachael. Yet at the same time, it would be fun to take a daring approach to her .

First we started off by cutting several inches off .wasn’t to sure where we were going Togo  with it , but her awesome bone structure and jawline it would nt do her justice not showing that off . Finished it off by giving her a heavy Bang to bring out those gorgeous eyes of hers .

When it came to her color I definitely didn’t want to do anything cliche on her like the lighter double processed procedures . Where to go where to go ? Heather and I have been collaborating ideas about turning her into a red head , but in the end with her haircut being dramatic , we decided on richening her natural gorgeous dark hair with an array of beautiful red and auburn shades to . I approached this technique with using foils and  different color creations with various deep red shades . Finished off by using a hi shine all over gloss revealing in the end deep jeweled  luxurious tones throughout her hair .

When it came to products Rachael’s hair is fine textured but has lots of it . Sounds familiar?
The two aspects of styling that we wanted to focus on Rachael’s hair were volume and texture . Texture is needed to support the volume we created .
The following products are as follows
Kevin Murphy Bodybuilder mousse and Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity spray were used to create mass volume while Kevin Murphy Hair Resort spray went in created texture to support the volume that is in the hair . The result was movement and versatility .

We also wanted a street chic look for her , and wanted to see the fun that we could have combining edge to her outfit without taking away the femininity that she so naturally exudes

The makeup itself was amazing, again going back to enhancing and bringing out Rachael’s gorgeous features .

Standing back looking at the end result . We thought to ourselves …
Enhancement has taken a backseat .
Not only did transformation take place but the word that came to mind was luminous ….
Thank you Rachael for being our muse .

Makeover Challenge is Next Month

The month of July we will be performing our Makeover Challenge.

Teams, nominees, and voting will announced soon.

Here are some examples from past challenges!

New Year’s makeup tips!

So many holiday parties, such little time!

Are you looking for a simple makeup look to compliment all of your beautiful party dresses? Look no further, Marie from Addiction Cosmetics NV is here to show you how to recreate a simple but beautiful holiday inspired look.


Step 1: Prep your skin with a small amount of “baby’s butt” skin primer. This will smooth over your pores, fine lines, and will prep the skin’s surface for the rest of your makeup.


Step 2: Use “rehab” concealer under your eyes and on blemishes. Lightly pat the concealer to smooth out the color.


Step 3: Use a pea sized amount of liquid to powder mineral foundation to even out your skin tone.


Step 4: Use translucent powder to seal in the foundation.

Step 5: Now to add that holiday glow! Use mineral shimmer powder in “champagne” to lightly dust over your cheekbones, eyelids and brow bones. The shimmer will accent the areas where light normally hits. This adds a beautiful glow and is perfect for the holidays.


Step 6: To accent the champagne shimmer use “scene” black/gold eyeliner with a subtle gold shimmer. To keep the look simple don’t line the inside of your eyes, just the outside. You can either line it with a basic line or you can extend the liner out a bit for a more dramatic cat-eye.


Step 7: To add a little more color, use “cocktail” blush. The beauty of this blush is that it picks up on variation in skin tone and adds a subtle pop of color. Add the color just to the cheekbones.


Step 8: To add the final touch, try one of the many different colors of Addiction NV lip gloss colors. “Have a mojito” is a great color to compliment the “champagne” dust.


Want some more tips or help creating a holiday makeup look unique to you? Come in and visit the Addiction Cosmetics NV table and have Marie show you our fabulous holiday colors and all of the basics that you can build each style on.

Check out the new Addiction website at:

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