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American Wave system now at Meleesa the Salon

24 Oct

American wave! Call it tossed, soft waves, ocean hair, beach hair, there are endless names for this soft organic wave. It is a softer version of a curl but simply sexy! Yes we all want it and depending on what were born with, we either have to use hot tools or simply dream of achieving this look. Well, finally in 2012, we have a new system inspired by the good old fashion perm (remember when our mothers would spend hours at the salon under plastic rods and stinky perm solution to achieve what seemed to look like a poodle curl?). Say hello to the American wave a system innovated by Arroyo hair!

This new age waving system using soft tools and no ammonia is a chlorophyll-enhanced solution that softly and gently adds beachy, tousled wave to your locks. It also balances out uneven texture and adds body to the hair for support resulting in long lasting blowouts. And just in case you are a texture addict, we can create immense expansion for super fun curly styles!

The American wave is here at Meleesa the salon your innovative and top hair salon in downtown Huntington Beach! Call us at

714-969-7199. We invite you to come in for a complementary consultation as this system is not for everyone, but it may be perfect for you.

Get your wave on

More insight from arroyo
Featuring modern ionic technology, the American Wave System in a new, innovative, and exclusive professional wave and texture enhancing service stylists use to create everything from cascading beachy waves to expanded textures to full-blown curls.
Without dryness, damage, off-putting smells, or styling restrictions we can change the texture of hair that is already curly, use it to give fine hair types a volume boost, create a mélange of different textures, and give waves and curls to anyone that wants them. Using creative soft tool design wraps we have created a new salon service professionals can use to give a new wave of styling options to all salon clients.
Service options include:
The Beach Wave: Marry straight and wavy textures and create the sexy, tousled beach waves that are the zeitgeist of fashion, trend, and style. Using American Wave and a vertical drag wrap soft tool technique, this service is great for trend-conscious clients.
The Style Support Technique: Add volume and texture to hair that lacks life and vitality by creating a resilient consistent wave that is perfect style support for blow-dries and hot-tools. Using a classic soft tool wrapping technique in alliance with American Wave, this is a brilliant for clients with very straight hair.

The Expanded Waves & Curls Technique: Maximize volume and texture and movement to create buoyant, resilient and dynamic wave and curl patterns that are fabulous and full. This is great for clients who want texture expansion.

Meleesa the Salon @ OC Weekly’s Summer Soiree

23 Jun

We will be doing the hair of the fashion show at OC Weekly’s Summer Soiree.

This even will be held from 6pm-10pm Saturday, June 25th at the Shorebreak Hotel in Downtown Huntington Beach.

This event will host the following:

Graffiti Beach Fashion Show

Live Music

Local Artist Gallery

Hula Dancers

Charity Silent Auction

We would love for you to come join us in the festivities.

More information below.

Favorite Product Combos

22 May


Kali Jones – Circa
I have a client at the Cannes Film Festival right now and she asked me how to do her own Red Carpet Look. We stared by applying surf spray all over and brilliantine at the ends. Then blew the hair out section by section. From there we used Spray de Mode and curled with a 1 inch iron leaving the last inch of hair out. After it was complete we broke it down, applied some powder, shook it and finished with classic. Her hair was as big as her smile!

Samantha Shafer – The Loft Hair Design
I Love using the Curl Conscious Holding Foam as a root boost in the crown!! It gives the extra hold I need for a voluptuous blowout without the weight all over the hair.

Amanda Bowes – Rumors Salon
I love using Hair Powder with Sumowax for styling men’s short hair!

Here at Meleesa the Salon:

-Grooming Crème and Surf Spray for awesome beachy texture.

-Leave In (rinse out) and DeFrizz for a gorgeous, frizz-free and humidity resistant blow out with tons of shine.

-Mix Sumotech with Tonic Lotion for an easier application.

Click Here to see more:

Cocktails anyone?! Quick tips from the ladies of Meleesa the Salon.

17 Mar

Here at the salon, we are always mixing and matching products to achieve the perfect amount of texture, hold or shine and making it easy for you to style at home. Here are

some of the stylists favorite product cocktails :

Meleesa loves mixing Bb Sumotech +  Brilliantine 

images-6.jpeg     images2.jpeg 

For a seek blowout with smoothess and No frizz, Mix Bumble and Bumble Straigh with Leave-in conditioner


Adrienne’s faves are Grooming Creme + Surf Spray for the ultimate beachy waves and Curl Conscious Holding Foam at the roots for humidity resistant volume


 Veruska combines lots of Tonic Lotion with Grooming Creme on the ends of wet hair for a smooth blowout on thicker textured hair.+ Also, try LOTS of Thickening Hairspray + Surf Spray at the roots for a big, sexy blowout. For shorter hair, I like mixing Sumotech with Grooming Creme for a more satin finish and lighter hold. These are some of our favorites for you to try. Next time you are in the salon, make sure to tell us your perfect product cocktail!



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