Dry Haircutting

The Art of Dry Hair Cutting

dry_haircuttingSometimes when you walk into Meleesa the Salon, you’ll see our artists working on dry hair. Often while receiving a dry haircut, clients ask, ‘What is going on – are you going to wash my hair?’ Of course we are! I like to explain the process using the analogy of creating a fine gown: a fine gown starts with a piece of fabric, and is usually laid on a flat surface and cut into a pattern with a pair of scissors. This is a standard pattern, one that could fit just about anyone. In a similar vein, often times when you go to a hair salon, hairdressers try to fit specific haircuts like long layers, short or round layers to a particular head, in the same way that you might give that same gown to several different women who have different body types. To me, it’s all in the details – a gown does not become couture until it’s stitched to a specific body shape.

This is why when it comes dry hair cutting, it’s so important to address every hair pattern differently. Where does the hair grow? Is the texture even? Realistically, only ten percent of people spend more than ten minutes styling their hair everyday.

So why wouldn’t I want to shape the hair in the way that this hair is usually styled, the way it naturally parts, the way the cowlicks fall? It’s still important to cut hair wet when you want to create an entirely different architectural plan for the hair. When wetting the hair, I can manipulate it to do whatever I need it to do. But in real life, when the hair dries, it has its will and its way, and that’s why I like to cut a lot of my hair dry. I find it important, because people can see what is happening at the moment, and seeing a haircut come to life, especially those who have fears because they’ve had a bad experience in the past – their hair’s been cut too short, or too layered, and they have this terrible fear that it’s going to happen again. When cutting hair dry, my clients can see everything happening in front of them, and at the same time, I also regain their trust. Dry hair cutting is beautiful because it’s organic; it’s customized to every pattern of hair texture, and you can see all the split ends versus not seeing them when the hair is wet.

I do feel that dry hair cutting is a must! I think it should be embraced and play a role in your hair maintenance.  Your hair is an accessory, an important part of your everyday life. Some of the most trendy hair salons are offering dry hair cutting these days, and here at Meleesa the Salon, we are constantly on top of trends, without the added drive to LA. Come visit us for your most fabulous dry haircut…we are here to understand your lifestyle and help you achieve your hair goals.

Meleesa Luna