Where I’ve Been, Where I’m At, and Where I’m Going

If you know me, you know I’m a free-spirited and strong-willed believer in transformation, growth, and creativity. I’m a hairstylist and artist, but there are so many layers to what I do. I have a big vision and I like to partake in many creative outlets. The way I live my life, the way I design my salon to share with others, and my love for cooking are all manifestations of my mission to uplift people as a creative force for good in their lives. That’s my deepest desire.

My passion is connecting with my clients, understanding and then interpreting their emotional needs. My role is to translate this emotional connection to the physical so that the outside complements the inside.

The past few months have been extremely transformative for me…I’m in the process of growing into a more creative/artistic collaborative role.  In addition to working with my loyal clients, I’ve also been focused on editorial projects and creative collaborations with Neuma and several others.

I’ve been molting, metamorphosing, reshaping, readjusting, and reevaluating what life is really about, what kind of life I want to live, working with my spiritual coaches, doing a lot of yoga, experiencing quiet in nature, and disconnecting from our busy, chaotic world. It hasn’t been easy or fun – at times, it’s even been painful – but now I feel I can see clearly.

During this process of transformation, I’ve started creating video content of my everyday life – meeting with influential people in the creative/spiritual transformative space, including yoga experts, and documenting everything from my recipes to flower arrangements, interior decorating and lifestyle design! I can’t wait to show you what excites me and take you along to all the wonderful places I visit!

I’ve noticed in life that sometimes we are forced into a shift one way or another, so it’s best to be ready and flexible even if you don’t necessarily know when it’s going to happen. Surrender control of everything, because life usually takes its own path. Surrender your own ideas of what should be, because nothing goes according to plan or design — there’s something much bigger at work in our universe.

Everything is moving so fast in this world and I’ve really enjoyed slowing down, taking it all in, and connecting with people who are close to me. It’s so important to experience what’s really going on around us — and I hope you are able to do the same!

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